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"Salute, Victory!" (2015-05-06 11:00:39)

At school we are always glad to graduates of different years. But in days of celebration of the Defender of the Fatherland Day and 70-year anniversary of the Great Victory both teachers, and children are especially glad to a meeting with soldiers – internationalists. This is Alexander Gukay and Alexander Zakharov. Together with graduates during the holiday there was their senior companion, Beybit Tuspekov. Graduated school in different years, they are united by personal friendship, love to native school, gratitude to teachers and desire to share the life experience with the younger generation. From lips of these strong, a lot of things the seen men the words "man's friendship", "military brotherhood", "Fatherland" in a special way sound. With their support and direct participation within nine years passes a tournament of memory of the lost soldier internationalist in school, the graduate of school Ayuchenko Oleg Petrovich. On May 8 they again together with children on the sports ground to support participants of military and sports game "Salute, the Victory!", the Victory devoted to celebration of the 70 anniversary and the Defender of the Fatherland Day.