Galina Vishnevskaya Graduate of 2012 The comprehensive secondary school № 2

Galina Vishnevskaya

She was born in Semey, in 1994, 10 February. She is a master of sports of international class biathlon, silver medalist in the sprint at 6 kilometers of the Winter Youth Olympic Games in 2012, a bronze medalist in the pursuit race at 7, 5 km World Cup 2011, silver medalist of the World Championship among juniors biathlon in 2012, Asian champion in 2010 -2011, she is the absolute winner of the summer stage of the Cup IBU junior. She is the winner of the Junior Championship world - 2014 participant Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014, a member of the core team of Kazakhstan Biathlon. Her coach is Mirsalimov Rafael Ilyasovich, honored coach of Kazakhstan. Galya started her life in sport at school, she played soccer in high school, but she was injured and has been engaged in training. At 14 she came to a section of biathlon. She has a mother, a grandmother, a grandparent and a brother. His name is Pavel. Galya was open, sociable, good-natured girl. She liked Russian, Literature, History. Galya was prestige among her classmates and teachers for the dedication, hard work, honesty. She often visits the teachers in the school. There is the exhibition "Sport life of the school" in the school museum is devoted to Galina. And now she is a student at the State University Shakarim in Semey.